Jessica is originally from Norwich, where she started her journey as a classical musician, singer, actor and dancer. Jessica's main instrument is the cello and some of her other instruments include the piano, the guitar and the bass guitar. Her voice specialty is mezzo-soprano/belter and she enjoys singing in a multitude of styles, particularly epic and contemporary musical theatre and jazz. She is also a trained dancer and has always had a particular flair for tap dance. Jessica loves intertwining all of her skills and making new discoveries with them, but equally enjoys performing without her instruments once in a while.

About Jessica

Working in Bulgaria

Jessica has worked as an actor-musician several times in a production of Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice' in Patalenitsa, Bulgaria. She has also run and participated in workshops at theatre festivals, mainly focussing on the voice and music. There will always be a special place in her heart for Bulgaria and she plans on returning to further her fulfilling work there.

On the Road

Jessica is a keen explorer and has spent lots of time travelling to learn about cultures and see the beauties of the world. Her favourite country she has travelled to is India, where she explored religion and experienced a different way of life.